5 Simple Ways to Boost Traffic on Your Blog

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Jay D. Gray #1 bestselling author and fiction writer received 750,000 views in under 6 months. Below Jay has given me permission to post the 5 ways to boost your blog’s traffic. Jay has a  Patreon which is linked below, where you can support him in his writing and literature adventures.

1) Content

Without good content you are never getting and keeping good traffic. Around 80% of people that land on any web page never come back… You have to try hard to keep the other 20% so work out who your target audience are and stick to it. Stick to it like glue. You don’t have to entertain 7 billion people… Just those who keep coming back. Quantity of content is also really important to Jay… Not so much these days but in the beginning I was posting between 7 and 10 posts a week, every week without fail!” Jay D. Gray

2) Social Media

An example on how to use social media in your niche is about classic cars, get yourself onto every classic car page you can find and get chatting there too! Jay personally uses Twitter and Instagram as his only two platforms to drive  traffic to his site. Jay’s number one advice for social media is to BE CONSISTENT. He recommends posting daily (in an ideal situation) to start getting a following. People are impatient and this world is moving quickly so get tweeting!

3) SEO

48% of Jay’s traffic comes from people searching for him on Google now… That’s free views without promotion because he put the leg work in at the beginning. LEARN about SEO as much as you can. 

4) Invest In Yourself

Jay said he has “dropped a lot of money on advertising, promo teams, marketing seminars, SEO teachers, courses etc etc. Jay said, “It is invaluable to invest in yourself whatever your budget!”

5) Hard Work

Jay said, “[this is] the biggest reason that most will fail.” How hard are you working? Jay said, “I know not everybody can do it but there has been countless days I have worked 18 hours on my site, over and over and over again.”  When in your niche Jay, recommends to talk to EVERY PERSON that interests you that you can find. Reach out to the world!

Jay D. Gray’s Social Media

Jay D. Gray’s Website: http://bit.ly/1mtIEuY         

Jay D. Gray’s Patreon: http://bit.ly/1PhmdEG


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