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Ewan Robertson

Wattpad is a great way to read amazing books by some fantastic authors. I have read books that have made me jump for joy, weep and feel on the edge of my seat to find out what would happen next. Here are some amazing writers on Wattpad. As time goes on I would love to update and share more writers I enjoy through this blog post.

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Happy2BeDee is an amazing writer, who writes mostly books based off of the characters of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit*. If you are an avid fan of SVU I think you will love her stories. She is able to take the characters from SVU and create vivid worlds and scenarios that I don’t think would be shown in SVU. A lot of her stories I would say are for audiences 18+ just because of the subject matter of some of the stories. I see her stories as what SVU* would be if they were allowed to show more graphic details. When I read Happy2BeDee book Tangled Web- An SVU fic I was up until 5:30 in the morning reading. I remember just sitting in my bed crying after I finished the book and I was talking about the book for days. When I read her book Daddy I had to step away from the book to get some fresh air before continuing. I don’t remember the last time I was pulled into a book like that. When I read Happy2BeDee books I am pulled into the world and its scenarios. I envision myself as the main character, which can be scary at times because of what the character may be going through. I highly recommend her books to you.


The second writer I would like to highlight here is GirlandHerKeyboard. I realized she was the first person who’s writing on Wattpad I started reading on a consistent basis. My favorite books by her are Cassidy and Her Love, His Life [A Bensler FanFic]. GirlandHerKeyboard writes SVU* characters in different relationships and situations that as a huge fan of SVU I want to see on the show. But because of how the show is constructed I don’t think I will get to see.  She is fantastic at writing the normal and sometimes mundane things in life in a way that is very interesting to read. Her books are great for a wider audience which is something I really enjoy. I highly recommend her books to you as well.

I hope you get to get a chance to read their books and well and the thousands of books on Wattpad. I do believe there is a genre on Wattpad for everyone. Plus you are helping authors share their work to the world.

wattpad, wattpad writer, writers, wattpad writer, author, authors, writing, writer, writers

Ewan Robertson

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