11 Joey and Rory Life Changing Songs

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Prayer for Joey

Before I begin this blog post about Joey and Rory I would like you to please keep Joey and Rory in your prayers. Joey has stage 4 cancer and she is in hospice. Rory Feek’s blog where you can find more about Joey and Rory, so if you can just pray for her and her family that would be wonderful.

Hearing Joey and Rory for the First Time

I first heard of Joey and Rory when they were on the television show Can You Duet? When I heard their voices I knew they were going to be a hit. Their music is truly country music at its finest and they sing about real life, the good, the bad and the ugly. I think what makes Joey and Rory a unique band is they are it afraid to talk about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They use their platform as musicians to share the message of God to the world. Many of their songs have changed my life and I am sure many of their fans lives as well. So, in no particular order here are 11 Joey and Rory Life Changing Songs.

1| Amazing Grace

This song is a beautiful cover of the fantastic hymn Amazing Grace. Joey is the lead vocalist in this song and her voice echoes in different parts of the song to create a beautiful and melodic song.

2| Where Jesus Is?

There are many reasons to love this song and its message. This song talks about people who may not be able to go to a regular church. No matter where you are Jesus Christ will be with you. You can worship God and it doesn’t matter when and where you are.

3| Are You Washed In The Blood?

This song is another great hymn with an upbeat tempo as a mandolin and banjo are heard in the background. This song is simply asking if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. This is a wonderful song with a simple message.

4| The Preacher And The Stranger

This is such a classic country song. There is a narrative woven through as it teaches a message of forgiveness. I can see this being sung around a campfire on a quiet summer night.

5| Made to Last

The reason why this song is great is because it talks about people, place and items which will last throughout the ages. Such as in this song it discusses having items can be thrown away so quickly in order to buy something. Although there are some which won’t change and we can always have

6| That’s Important To Me

This song discusses the important things in life, such as relationships with friends and family. Enjoying the beautiful sunrise or counting the stars in the night sky. Even simply going for a walk and watching the fall leaves change colors.


7| Heart Of The Wood

This song is just beautiful. I love how the whole song is about a tree and how sometimes the simple things in our lives create something beautiful.

8| In The Garden

This is such a great song with a powerful song. I love how it talks about the love of God and the wonderful God He is.

9| My Life Is Based On A True Story

I love how this song is focused on Jesus Christ and how His life is what ours should be modeled after.

10| Leave It There

Basically no matter what you are going through God will take care of you if you put your trust and faith in Him. I am not saying you will not have tough times, but He will always be with you and support you.

11| Tune of a Twenty Dollar Bill

This song is just a fun song. It’s about falling in love and living the simple life.

Life Changing Music

Joey and Rory’s music has forever changed my life in a good way. With being physical disabled their music has given me hope and joy. Please keep Joey and Rory in prayer as they are dealing with a difficult time in their lives. Below I have listed some websites where you can find more information about Joey and Rory.

Find More About Joey and Rory

Joey and Rory’s Website: http://joeyandrory.com

Joey and Rory’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joeyandrory/?fref=ts

Joey and Rory’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/joeyandrory

Rory Feek’s Blog: http://thislifeilive.com/

Joey and Rory’s Music on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1S2UxC6