25 Ways to Be Inspired When Writing

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Are you a writer? Do you desire to write a short story, novel or memoir. Well before putting pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard, you first have to become inspired. A plot, character or scene has to capture you in a way even you as a writer can’t wait to figure out what is going to happen next. Here are 25 ways to be inspired as a writer.

music, headphones, writing, reading1. Listen to music

2. Watch a movie

3. Read a book

4. Watch the news or read the newspaper

5. Go for a walk

walking, running6. Look at photographs

7. Scroll through social media

8. Write down what’s on your mind

9. Reflect on your personal experiences and situations

10. Pull from family and friends experiences and situations

11 Daydream

12. Write based off a dream

13. Create a mind map

writer, writing, novel, book, reading14. Use a writing prompt book (amazon affiliate link)

15. Listen to the radio



16. Unplug from technology


beach, vacation, travel, walk17. Immerse yourself in another culture

18. Think of a retelling of a classic book

19. Enhance some of your old writing

20. Pay attention to interaction of people (example:  a coffee shop)

21. Think of a quote which has helped, inspired or motivated you

22. Remember why you are a writer

23. Don’t be afraid to write even if you think your idea isn’t the best

24. Try a new skill

25. Relax


How Do You Become Inspired When Writing?


6 thoughts on “25 Ways to Be Inspired When Writing

    1. Thank you so much. Writing is a fantastic craft and it’s all about using different techniques. I hope these help you in your writing journey.

  1. Hi Kirsten,
    It’s indeed a great joy to land on your page today.
    I am here today via Mary Fernandez’ webinar.
    Good to meet you I just downloaded your ebook
    will read and come back to you.
    This post is indeed another resource for writing
    Great ways to get inspiration from unexpected sources LOL
    I do listen light music when writing, this i learned from my son even when he study his college texts he listens to music, i scolded him several times and later i followed his foot steps!!! LOL
    Thanks Kristen for sharing these valuable tips!
    Keep sharing
    Have a good time of sharing and caring

    1. Philip,

      Thank you so much Philip for your kind words. I am glad these tips are helpful and I hope my ebook is helpful to you as well.

      God Bless,

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