After She Wrote Him by Sulari Gentill Book Review

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Book Review

I was hooked when reading this novel. As a writer myself I love to read books about other writers. One of the things I love about After She Wrote Him is the way Sulari Gentill seamlessly goes from one point of view to the other. The cover also grabbed my attention with the ink spilled from an ink pen creating the silhouette of the protagonist. The reason why I rate this book four out of five stars is because the ending is somewhat predictable and a little bit of a let down. I do love the journey I took as a reader to figure out all the clues and to try and put the puzzle pieces together. I will most likely be reading this book again in the future as the characters and storyline was unique and it was something I truly enjoyed. Also thank you Netgalley for giving me a review copy of After She Wrote Him by Sulari Gentill in exchange for an honest review.