Handmade Seller Magazine September 2016 Review

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As a crocheter, jewelry designer, photographer, and digital artist I love to learn from others in my field to see how they run their businesses. A few months ago I discovered a magazine called Handmade Seller. This magazine is packed with ideas and techniques for selling on etsy, promoting your business, finding customers and so much more. Handmade Seller is a unique magazine because it’s mainly for readers who create, design and sell handmade items. I was given the September 2016 issue in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this magazine. This issue focused on a number of things in particular such as Google Analytics, how to make money with Facebook groups and interviews with handmade sellers. I found this issue motivating and inspiring. The digital version of this magazine also has some great extra features. There are videos and websites links which add extra information to this already great magazine. I definitely do want to pick up the back issues and the issues coming out in the near future.

Overall, it’s great to have a magazine which supports and helps entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses in the handmade field.

Find Out More About Handmade Seller Magazine: http://www.handmadeseller.com/