How To Sell Your Photography and Artwork On Society6

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If you haven’t heard of Society6 it’s a website where you can upload your photography and artwork to your own store and you get paid a commission when the piece sells. I’ll also be discussing a great book I just read which has, so many resources, tips, and information on how to be successful on Society6 as well as on other Print On Demand websites. There are some amazing things about Society6, that I truly enjoy, so I’ll list them here:

1) It’s 100% Free

The fact that Society6 is free is fantastic. There are no listing fees, shipping fees, etc…

2) Organic Sales

Organic sales are basically sales you get when people search on Society6, find your item and then purchase from you. I have promoted a few of my items on Pinterest for free, but not many. I am still getting monthly sales. If you are a person who has a lot of work you want to sell online you can upload as much as you can without having to promote your work. I do think if you can promote your work then you can get more sales in the long run.

3) Easy and Simple Payments

Society6 pays your commissions every month on the first business day of each month. If you make a sale for example on August 1st the customer has 30 days to return the item or they can cancel their order if they need to. If the customer does neither of these things then the item will be cleared around September 1st depending on if it’s a holiday, weekend, etc… then you will get paid for the item in the beginning of October. Society6 handles all of the returns, shipping, handling, and customer service. As far as I know, you get paid through a verified Paypal account and my payments have been pretty much on time which is wonderful.

4) Many Product Options

With Society6 you can place your photography or artwork on more than 50 items. You can sell things from shirts to throw blankets. In my store, I have sold all sorts of products and I really do like the customization of it all.

6) Helpful Blog Posts

Society6 has a blog, where they have featured artists and tips on how to be more creative, provide inspirational tips and tutorials. As I browse through their blog I am inspired by other artists processes and I can develop new ideas.

7) Email When You Get a Sale

Society6 sends out a weekly email of all the sales you have gotten the previous week. You can also find out when you get a sale in your dashboard on Society6. This is encouraging because it’s a good feeling when someone appreciates your photography or artwork, that they want to add it into their lives or a life of a friend.

Society6 is a wonderful site to sell on. It’s simple, free and they give you tools to help to make you a better creator. I have a variety of items on Society6 from photography, inspirational quotes, and digital art. There is room for you no matter what kind of artist or photographer you are.

Society6 Blog:

How To Sell Your Photography and Artwork On Redbubble:

Merch and the World of Print On Demand

Merch and the World of Print On Demand by Jacob Topping. This is a great resource book for those you just want to start selling their photography and artwork online or who have been doing it for a long time. The reason why I really like this book is the resources and all of the topics he covers. He goes over more than 30 print on demand websites, SEO, marketing, podcasts, resources and so much more. It’s a book that I will definitely reference time and time again. Here’s the link to the book if you want to pick up a copy for you or anyone else you know. (affiliate link)

society6, redbubble, photography, artwork